Fight for the Future

SurfEasy Private Browser

 “SurfEasy is a portable web browser you can carry in your pocket for private and secure browsing on the go. Everything in and out of the browser is encrypted so you can surf anonymously and avoid being tracked online. Your IP address, location and online identity are shielded from the sites you visit, hackers, nosy friends and IT monitoring tools. And you can connect to our servers in the USA, UK, Singapore and Brazil to surf the Internet you love without restrictions.

Using SurfEasy is as simple as plugging in a USB key. Price includes the SurfEasy Private Browser and unlimited protection through the SurfEasy Private Network. Learn more at

Part of the proceeds from your order benefit Fight for the Future. Click “Purchase” to connect to SurfEasy’s secure online checkout and use promo code “FFTF” during checkout to take advantage of free shipping to anywhere.”